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I was lucky enough to be asked to give a style talk at a Ladies Day hosted by Becky from Lipstick, Glitter & Me. The event was for charity and a really worthy cause. Being able to put my passion to use for some good was something i didn’t have to think twice about. What i did have to think about, was what exactly was i going to talk about? Fashion is so broad. You will have heard me say a thousand times over that fashion is everywhere and everything. One thing i am very certain about though is that fashion is for everyone. Style is what makes it personal. I picked 5 really easy tips that anyone can use or take inspiration from.

Without further a due here are the few quick and easy tips and hacks that i discussed in my talk.


The base

We all start with a blank canvas. When we put on our make-up we prime our skin right? So when we dress ourselves it is equally as important to get the base right. I’m gonna go all Gok Wan with a lil Trinny and Susannah on ya’s here.
I think underwear can really make of break a look. Knicker lines, nipples, you get the jist.
The right bra and pants will not only show off your shape at it’s best but let your outfit do the talking. Flesh / Nude toned undies are soooo sexy i know but they are the best really. Under white or sheerer pieces especially. A good strapless / multi-way bra is an essential in every girls wardrobe. Nothing ruins a look like clear bra straps – we can all see them! Wearing the right size bra . I can guarantee at some stage we have all been or are still wearing the wrong size bolder holder. Bigger busted ladies in particular could dramatically change their shape by just wearing their correct size bra. Lifting up your chest will define your waist more and make you look trimmer. The 4 diddy look is no look you wanna have either, believe me.
There is also excellent shape-wear available now-a-days too. I know going for a pee with big Bridget Jones pants and bodysuits is hell but they can help keep a dress looking slimline. Personally i don’t do hold-in knickers. They pull everything forward on me and i end up looking like the only gay in the village! I feel those that i have tried in the past just worked against me, so i rely on styling to hide the belly. Seamless knicks are a winner though. Once you have the base sorted it can be half the battle won.


Dressing For Your Shape

We are all different, and that is what makes us, well… us! We come in all different shapes and sizes. There are a few names that have been given to certain body shapes. Most of you will have heard of ‘Pear shape’ or ‘Hour Glass‘. For example Marilyn Monroe’s shape would be described as classic hour glass. Not all of us will fit into a box though and that is okay. These shapes are just guides really. The most important thing is that you find what suits you.

Not everyone can wear everything. You might think God shes so slim she could wear anything. Wrong! Skin tone, colouring, hair colour, height, frame, boobs, bums all play a part. Some tops you need a chest for, others it is curse trying to fit them in. Jeans need a bum to fill them. My arse is flatter than my back so jeans just do not stay up on me. I will not even tell you what happens if i leave the house in jeggings. There are certain styles and shapes that will suit each of us more. Silhouettes that will accentuate our figures and or give us shape. A-line or skater skirts are my pick for flattering curvy shapes. They also create shape for rectangular and more athletic types.


Belts double buckle beaded belt

Double Buckle Belt €16.90 ASOS
Beaded tassel tie belt Penneys

Belts are also key for pulling in at the waist where we are at our narrowest. Don’t underestimate the power of a good belt. Some pieces can swamp or drown us and need some definition. Again belting a flowy top or dress can create a waist for those with slender/straight down shapes. This will give the illusion of more curves. There is so much with many styles adding to an outfit.
Choosing the right clothes for your body type can make you appear slimmer or more full in desired areas too. One bit of advice i always give is to pick up something in a shop that you would never usually go for. Try it on – you never know you might be pleasantly surprised! This is all about experimenting and trying new things. Also don’t feel yo have to wear clothes by how clothes are bought. Wear them backwards if that works. Get a good alterations lady too. Buying off the rack will not fit everyone perfectly. Get legs and hems took up, seems put in to suit your height and build better.

Which leads me to…


Recycling & Reworking Clothes

Have a dress that you love but feel you have worn it too many times? Has it got a bit dated by now. Take the sleeves off, or add some. Change necklines or make that piece backless. Add a panel. Take up a bridesmaid, wedding or debs dress. A simple change and boom you have a new years eve outfit sorted. Vintage pieces are another thing. They can be so beautiful but just don’t fit you right and are in need of a little updating. Breath some new life into them and get the wear they deserve. You then have a one off piece nobody else has. You have saved money and are getting a new outfit. It’s a fun project too as shopping for an occasion can be really stressful. The Zip Yard is a great place to go for alterations. They do some fantastic work. If you are looking to do this on the cheap, we all have a mammy or a nanny with a sewing machine that could help us out. Use your imagination and the possibilities are endless.

Alterations rework clothes



Hands up who has ever gone into a shop, picked up ‘their size’ only to try it on or get home and it does not fit? It’s your size yet the jeans won’t go up over your knees. Please don’t ever take that personal or to heart. Every single shop or brand has a different idea of what a 10 or a 12 is. Sometimes it depends on where the clothes are made or come from IE- the Far East produce and wear really teeny tiny sizes. Don’t worry about what the label says, if it looks good and you feel good, so bloody what? It us very easy for girls to get caught up thinking it is me, have i put on weight? I know some ladies who also will point blank refuse to buy something in what they think is a bigger size because they are not that size. It’s only a label – i cut them off anyways, the irritate the life out of me. Nobody sees the label, nobody knows what size you are wearing. Learn with the stores you like what way they size. For example i find ASOS to be good and TOPSHOP to be on the small side. I know what size i am where. Be prepared and try not to leave important buys to chance. I know now that if i grab two pairs of jeans from Penneys or say H&M in the same size, that neither will actually be remotely the same. Unfortunately with the culture of throw away clothing and mass production that we live in, this is just how it is.



Accessories are a cheap and fun way to experiment and update a look.
Put some personality and interest to an outfit. If you don’t feel confident enough to wear bolder prints or trend pieces, accessories are a good way to do that. Add colour with a bag or shoes to a plainer outfit without totally committing. Add a statement necklace to a plain t-shirt or jumper to completely transform it. Tuck the tee into a skirt or pair with jeans for a cool but out together look. That is one of my favourite styles to wear.

A good scarf can be really versatile too. Depending on the size there are a lot of ways to wear a scarf. Larger ones can be worn as kimonos or shawls. Belt them up to keep in place and create more definition. Smaller types can be worn as a Parisian style neck tie, a head scarf or wrap, tie onto a handbag, wear as a belt, a sarong, or a bandanna. Again the possibilities are endless once you think outside of the box. A little can go a long way.

Scarf bag

There you have it, for those who were not lucky enough to witness me being a tongue tied mess on the day. Just some really quick and easy things to try remember when shopping or putting together looks. Work with what you have got.

What are your top style tips?

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