I was beyond excited to be asked to style the New Years Eve feature for In Tallaght Magazine’s December issue. The magazine runs a fashion spread each month called Sq Fashion. The feature is made up of looks from the stores in The Square Town Centre. Being a local native, i was honoured to be invited to be a part of the issue. I spent most of my youth in The Square. I worked my way through both school and college there. Since i was a tot i dreamed of working with in Magazine’s. They are a huge part of my life, being an avid reader with a borderline addiction. So here it is – my first magazine credit. Try wipe the smile off my face. No really, try, i dare you. 

The theme of the shoot was New Years Eve. That is where the fun started. Four looks for him and four looks for her. After sizing up the models, my first thought was that not everybody has the same plans on NYE. As with here on the blog i never want to exclude and try to get a look for everyone. With the looks they varied in degrees of dressiness. Ranging from night in the local right up to a formal ball. Once i had the direction i wanted to go into my head, luckily the outfits flowed. I had two great stores to pull the looks from , Debenhams and DV8. Both were absolutely perfect for the theme, housing head to toe fashions for him and her. 

I was given free reign in the two selected stores. Full creative choice, which i loved. I didn’t feel constricted at all with my pulls. I get the magazine and i think they get me. With arms piled high with my picks, it’s a shoppers dream. After all was picked out and packed, next is hair and make-up. First stop was The Style Club. The lovely Jess worked her magic on Kelly’s hair. We needed something glam but not too OTT to suit all the looks. We also didn’t want to age the model with a stiff up-do. Kelly has naturally beautiful hair so Jess suggested a classic wave. It was perfect. The curl dropped as the day went on and we could play with it as we changed looks. 


Finally it was onto Benefit in Debenhams for make-up. Again we didn’t want to age the model or take away from her porcelain skin. As the theme is NYE, we did want to go glam, a kind of old Hollywood Beauty. Tones which really complimented Kelly’s natural colouring. Something that would look great no matter what your plans where. Again i was really happy with the direction we went in. It all was coming together perfectly.

A strong metallic theme ran through the looks for the ladies. Metallic and glitz run synonymous with New Years Eve. It’ that one night you can go all out glam. I really played on Kelly’s colouring with my choices. Black & gold is classic and rich, you can’t go wrong there. With four looks to pull i tried to go for something different each time. A flirty dress, a top and skirt, a jumpsuit and a formal dress. Hopefully there will be something for everyone between these choices. You can shop the shoot below here.

Her : Jumpsuit €42 , Bag €28 DebenhamsShoes €39.95 DV8

When it came to dressing himself i was initially worried about variety. Menswear is not as diverse. Let’s face it, most men wouldn’t be for pushing boundaries like Kanye. I was really happy though with the selection both stores had. Not just box standard tee and jeans. There was a lot of really stylish pieces that excited me. I focused on the ‘Grandad-chic’ theme but in a modern way. Some mix and match pieces that will be great in the modern mans wardrobe.

 Him : Denim Shirt €115 , Chinos €47.95 , Timberland Boots €129.99 DV8 
Her : Ribbed Top €39.99 , Necklace €11.70 , Skirt €37.95 , Shoes €39.95  DV8

Shirt €22.50 , Tie €29 , Debenhams
Her : Dress €98 Debenhams , Shoes €39.95  DV8

One last shot…well it wouldn’t be winter without a coat.

Her : Jacket €74.99Necklace €11.70 , Skirt €37.95 , Shoes €39.95 , DV8

The shoot itself took place in The Loft @ The Red Cow Inn. A seriously cool, contemporary room. So much character and stand out interiors. Legit like something straight out of Alice In Wonderland. We were spoiled for choice with backdrops. The grand staircase of the Red Cow Moran’s Hotel lent the stage for the formal look then. Couldn’t have asked for a better location.

The photographer, Sebastian Felisiak, took some amazing shots, really capturing the celebrations vibe. He was an absolute joy to work with and bounce ideas off. Once the clothes are picked and the models are dressed, the fun part comes next. This is where the true art comes to life. Directing models through your vision and having fun with it. What the eye sees and the camera sees are two completely different things.

This is my write up that accompanies the feature.

The team at In Tallaght are a great bunch that are publishing a really credible, current monthly. To top it off the mag is free , bursting with all things local and national. I feel Tallaght gets a bad rep and here is something really cool and positive coming from our mini city. The issue hit the shelves this weekend and i couldn’t be more proud.

If you are around the Square, pick up a copy and let me know below what you think. Alternatively the issue is available to view online here: www.intallaght.ie/magazine/edition-78/
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