Summer Beauty Essentials

When i say Summer what i really mean is holidays because Summer for me is holidays. The feel of the heat on your skin, the smell of sun cream , cocktails by the pool and pretty little dresses. It is by far my favourite season and time of year. That being said it does throw up a whole host of first world problems. The heat is my best friend in so many ways but also leaves me a sweaty mess. Words can not describe the state of my hair and the sheer level of frizz that comes with it. I am in no way a beauty buff or expert, infact when it comes to beauty i suck. That being said i have found little ways and products over the years to help counteract the affects and i said i’d share them with you all. Admittedly the majority of these are hair related as that is my main issue and the things that requires the most attention. Lots of multi use products that are super affordable. Without further adieu here are my top Summer beauty essentials.


Lanacane Anti Chafing Gel

If you are a regular around here then this one won’t be new to you. I sing this stuffs praises each and every Summer. This could possibly be one of my dessert island must haves or i’d start carving out ‘Death By Chub Rub’ on my headstone. I have written a whole post dedicated to this subject which you can read here. Lancane has been a life saver for me, Literally as i said it was looking like it was going to be my cause of death. Extreme yes but so is chub rub and that can easily get infected. I am that person this stuff happens to with proof being exhibit A-here. It has been THE one thing that worked for me. I rub a little of the silky gel between my thighs before leaving the house and i am good to go. No shorts under dresses. Not avoiding pretty skirts. A really affordable €9.99 from Boots which is absolutely nothing for two weeks pain free thigh gliding. Not just for thighs though but for any area in which the skin rubs off clothing or another part of your skin. Under your bra or on your feet to stop new sandals rubbing. The gel also doubles up as a make-up primer so one less thing to pack. Multi use products are a must for holidays when space and case weight is tight. I could not recommend this anti-chafing gel enough.


chub rub

€9.99 Boots


Tesco Hair Serum

The first of the hair products come from the supermarket. I discovered this little one during a late night dash to Tesco at the final hour before jetting off. That is me all over though, last minute Larry. I needed a couple of bits and serum was one of them. Most that i saw came in huge heavy glass bottles. No, no we couldn’t be having that. All i needed was something small that i could run through my hair to at least try and keep the frizz at bay. I spied this little red bottle and the description read exactly what i needed. It was compact and dirt cheap. I said i would give it a go and i am glad that i did. A small pump into your hand is all that is needed. Run through your hair to add shine and defend against the weather and the effect it has on our hair. The weather defense helps with frizz caused by the humidity. Use a small amount to tame fly-aways with up styles or completely slick back your root for a sleek look. I have no complaints about this one and it can even be used to add a bit of polish up beach waves.


Just the f word

€2.09 Tesco


Evian Brumisateur

My savior on many a sunny day. I used to use the Magicool branded cooling spray and it had served me well. This Evian facial spray though. As it goes i don’t think it is as cold as the Magicool but it really moisturises and tones. It feels so good and there is something more natural about this as a product with it being water. Not only cools you down but it also works on your skin while it is as it. A little spritz instantly refreshes the face and cools you down. A little mid day perk up to keep the skin looking and feeling refreshed and awake. Perfect for poolside but i also think that this would be great product for work environments were the air con is very drying or for the gym etc too. I grabbed the travel friendly 50ml in Superdrug for my handbag but there are a few different sizes available too. As an added bonus this little gem doubles as a setting spray. Give your face a spray to keep your make-up in place during those hot summer nights.


just the f word

50ml €4.50 Penneys / €4.95 Superdrug

Hair Elastics And Clips


My hair is up 90% of the time anyways but come summer that gets upped to 99%. I adore the braid life and think it is a great option for keeping cool but pretty on holidays. I used to use thin hair bobbles to finish off plaits until i switched to elastics. My colour of choice is clear but there are several colours available. The clear elastics are so handy for holding braids before pinning , especially putting up milk-maid braid now that my hair is shorter. These are super cheap and come in large packs. They take up no room or weight and are super handy. The same can be said with clips and pins. Something all girls have and loose on a daily basis. I always have some at the bottom of my bag but again they become more important in summer to pin up the locks. Penneys always have a great range in of hair accessories. Really affordable but have so many possibilities.




Hair pins €1.50 Penneys

Doughnut Mini 2 pack €1.50 or One regular €1.50

Bobbin Pack €1.50

Elastics Penneys €2 / €1.50 depending on the packet size


Hair Doughnut


I have to be the only person to have worn a doughnut more than your one from the Peru two. It was touch and go for awhile whether it would need to be surgically removed from my head or not. This is something i just wouldn’t go away without. Wrapping my hair up in one of these has saved the day more times than i care to mention. As i have said my hair is crazy wild anyways but adding the heat to the mix and i rival Monica from Friends. Its The Humidity! Being able to slick my mane back into a neat bun takes zero time and keeps my heavy hair off my face and neck. You can spend less time blow drying and straightening my hair every single night when you are tired from a long hard day of tanning. The doughnut gives the bun shape so it couldn’t be any easier. Keep it tight and chic looking or backcomb to add some texture with the effortless ‘messy bun’ look. I even use the mini 2 packs for double space buns while away.  These are perfect for festivals and that ultimate laid back holiday look. I have recently spied one to up my game. One that does even more for you. If doughnuts are your think check it out here, Even for kids hair , so quick and easy.


Leave – In Conditioner


This a must for around the pool. The sun, sea and chlorine cause absolute havoc on your hair. I like to keep a bottle in my beach bag and comb it through my hair throughout the day to keep it tangle free. As I’ve said a billion times, my hair is wild! The frizz is unnatural so added dryness is not welcomed. My favourite coconut and almond leave in was discontinued last year so i had to find an alternative. Actually while i’m at it, have a word with yourselves about that one Boots. To fill the coconut scented vibe i reached for this OGX coconut water in Boots. A few spritzes keep my mane hydrated and soft. I haven’t actually left it in without washing my hair before drying it though. I feel that with styling etc the product would leave my root looking a bit greasy. It does exactly the job i need it to though.


irish fashion blog

 €10.29 Boots



All Nighter Setting Spray


Heat and a full face of make-up go together like fish and ice-cream. Holidays are a time to go a bit more natural and embrace the bronzed goddess look. Whichever way you opt to go there is one thing for sure that nobody likes a shiny face. This setting spray fro Urban Decay locks in your make-up and keeps it at bay. This is a regular in my make-up bag all year round but a must in summer. The ‘Oil slick’ control spray version is also a great option too. I picked up the travel sized bottle as it can be brought when you are not checking in a bag. You can easily refill the bottle from the full size when needed also. Pictured here with the B6 Vitamin Prep Spray that i prep my skin with. Another great one for hydrating and reinvigorating the skin.



Urban decay setting spray

 Travel Size €12 / Full Size €30 Debenhams



Talcum Powder

Besides that new baby smell and the previously mentioned chub-rub, talcum powder has one seriously handy use for Summer. Sand between your toes feels amazing that is until you go to leave the beach and you are covered in it. Every pore, every crevice there it is. You are literally still finding it days later. It is so irritating and harsh on the skin. I dunno about you but when i get home there is more sand in my bag than there was on the beach. I remembered reading an amazing tip on my friend Kellie’s blog My Little Babòg. A real life hack using talc no less. The powder soaks up all of the moisture from the sand. That is what makes it stick to you. Read Kellie’s post here and remember this trick the next time you are lucky enough to be at the beach. Baby powder can also be used as a dry shampoo substitute when away if you have run out or forgotten yours. Heck some girls even use the powder to ‘bake’ and set their make-up. Another multi use product. You can get a cute little travel size bottle from boots here.


Summer hack


Those are my fail safe, must have , go to’s for beauty in summer. The pieces i will have to hand this Summer and would not dream of going away without. What are yours?


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