The Upper Cuff

I have very vivid memories of me rocking around Butlin’s back in the day with a silver spiral band on my upper arm. Serious 90’s child trying to get in on the trend. Probably should have been born in the 70’s really.

 Armlets have never really gone away, they just became more bohemian, a beach-life style. Two summers ago i was searching high and low for some really cool arm cuffs to not much look. I resorted to making my own. Thanks to the gorgeous boho vibes this season is bringing, stuff i usually lust for are litterally falling at my feet. Look how beautiful and carefree these look. Most of the High Street has got in on the action doing some version of this accessory. Not all these have to be boho style. You can easily wear two slim bands with a chic black dress. However they are a go to for festivals and your holiday wardrobe. Totally inlove with these ♡


Some Styles Available….


      River Island Spiral Cuff €10

         River Island Engraved Cuff €8

       TOPSHOP Spiral Cuff €20

     New Look Coin Cuff €7.99

       New Look Aztec Arm Wrap €7.99

       New Look Hammered Cuff €7.99

       ASOS Curve Fine Arm Cuffs €6.76

       ASOS Triangle Chain Cuff €10.81

      ASOS Stacked Cuff €13.51

     ASOS Spike Silver Arrow Cuff €13.51

      Primark Chain Cuff €4

       ASOS Multi Chain Drape Cuff €16.22

                ASOS Pack Of 2 Fine Cuffs €6.76

      Forever21 Fringed Cuff €5


     Forever21 Double Arm Cuff €5.50

    Forever21 Double Silver Cuff €6.50

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