Throwback Thursday – Clueless

Thursdays are my chance to throwback through the years at some style icons. more admittedly some unlikely icons also.
The 90’s revival has been huge this year. So much time has passed its now vintage! This got me thinking about one of my fav films of all time from the 90s – Clueless.


Every girl has dreamed of having Cher’s epic wardrobe- who could forget the rotating colour ordered rails and computer system for building outfits…..A girl can dream (sigh).


This 1995 classic boasts a massive 41 costume changes for the main character Cher Horowitz. Look below for a movie montage of all her outfits in just one minute-A must see! I’m feeling very nostalgic thinking about the scene in which Cher makes-over the late Brittany Murphy. Their signature look is quite preppy, think Gossip Girl meets Mean Girls. Yet is quite out there with flamboyant colours and accessories.



The Movie can be remembered for some amazing fashion one liners. Most Memorable being: “This is an Alaia… An a-what-a?” or in response to her fathers question of what the hell is that? “a dress…says who….Calvin Klein”. Cher and her two best friends, Dionne and Tai, emulate the Beverley Hills fashion scene

Many looks from clueless have been seen through the major trends of this year- Tartan , monochrome, sports luxe and sheer blouses.

With this being said cult brand Wildfox Couture paid homage to style with their S/S 13 collection The Kids In America.The collection showed some really cool pieces and translates the costumes of Clueless really well for a modern day take.


I heart Cher and her love of style. In My opinion this once unlikely style icon has made a serious come back in the style stakes.

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